02-10-2017 Mobile Indoor Laser Scanning

A unique technology for indoor mobile laser scanning.





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Quantum 3D Project & Our Vision

The Quantum 3D Project by Geovap aims to utilize the latest surveying technologies and therefore broaden the scope of this branch. The know-how based on our long-term experience and expertise and the advanced methods of data collection and processing helps us to achieve our goal. Should you require some more detailed information about the Quantum 3D Project please see Our Vision.

The unique technological methods and our software produce complex sets of survey data which can be used in road, waterways and transport administration, the mining industry and many other branches. Our methods and technologies are faster than traditional ones, and consequently more cost-effective, as they can save about 40% of costs.

Our Vision

1.  Survey visionary

By utilizing the latest technologies we push the limits of the whole surveying branch. We create the innovative data collection methods and the advanced data processing methods. Our company is the first in the Czech Republic to use the unique LYNX - mobile laser mapper. Speeding up the surveying process and at the same time improving its accuracy makes life easier not only for designers and builders but also, indirectly, for all citizens in our country. 

2.  Measurement at the Speed of Light

Thanks to automation and the unique laser mapping technology we achieve much higher accuracy and speed of measurement in comparison with traditional methods. In short, the human factor has no place in our work. The collected data are processed by our own software, which means that we are able to cut down our customers costs by about 40 %. The laser mapping cameras are placed on the roof of a car to improve the passive safety of each survey crew.

3.  3D Perspective

Flexibility is our priority. We respond to our customers´current needs and customize all our projects. All collected data undergo a  detailed analysis and assessment which allows us to eliminate possible errors in measurement. Our state-of-art software equipment can display any situation in the mapped area as a 3D image.

4.  Quality Comes First

Our clientele includes both individuals or government agencies, as well as Czech and foreign companies working mainly in transport administration (roads, highways, waterways, railroads). Thanks to our 20-year experience and sophisticated technological background we cooperate with the Road and Motorways Directorate of the Czech Republic and with all regional governments. We also started cooperation with Roadscanners - a Finnish company which is one of the world´s leading companies on the market with georadars for ground penetrating non-destructive diagnosis of roads. Our company strictly observes the rules of quality management which can be proven by many certificates for example ISO 9001:2009.


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