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Below you can find references of Quantum 3D Project

Current Project References

 Submitter  Content of contract  Details      
Problems´ diagnosis and project of corrective measures for modernisation of damaged parts of 2nd Class Roads communications in Pardubice Region using GPR and laser scanning method. More details
Project "Surveying of the Sand Pits situation under water and above water level using static laser scanner ILRIS, mobile laser mapping system LYNX and measuring boat JOSKA (ultrasonic device MD500)". More details
Pilot project "Survey of rail ways". More details
Project of mapping Streets of Rovaniemi and Tampere city, Finland. More details
Pilot project - frost-heave analysis, Sweden. More details
Survey of part of Highway D11. More details


Other references

 Submitter  Project  Year
INRECO s.r.o., company for monuments reconstructions (CZ) Evaluation of the skin and the roof of the Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Chrudim. 2008
Association for Holy Spirit Cathedral (CZ) Survey of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové. 2008
National Monumental Institute (CZ) Survey of the Kunětická hora Castle . 2007
Regional Authority of Highlands (CZ) Survey of the Thurnovský Palace of the Lipnice Castle. 2007
National Stud-farm Kladruby n. Labem s.p.o. (CZ) Survey of the stud-farm Kladruby n/L. building and surroundings. 2009
National Monumental Institute (CZ) Survey of the Monastic Church of Paulans in Nová Paka. 2006
Architect Chmelík & partners (CZ) Survey of the current condition of the White Tower in Hradec Králové. 2010
Svitavy Brewery (CZ) Survey of the condition of Svitavy Brewery building. 2006
Progeo (CZ) Survey of the Saint Joseph Church in Mirošov. 2007
ENVIGEO a.s. (SK) Survey and evaluation of slopes and road cuts of the 1st Class Roads. 2006
Transport Constructions Svitavy, a.s. (CZ) Survey and evaluation of mined out volumes on the construction of D47. 2008
Coal Services a.s. (ČR) Survey of side slopes of mine pit ČSA. 2008-2009
Pardubice Region (CZ) Monitoring a sanation of landfill "Lukavice". 2009-2010
Facade system DOMbau (CZ) Survey and evaluation of the main station building in Ostrava.  
VÚKOZ, v.v.i. (CZ) Survey and evaluation of parts of Žofín and Boubín forrest.  
RWE – Distribution services s.r.o. (CZ) Measurement of existing pipelines, geodetic purpose maps of the surface situation (Moravia). 2010
RWE – Distribution services s.r.o. (CZ) Measurement of existing pipelines, geodetic purpose maps of the surface situation (Central Bohemia). 2011
Management and maintenance of Roads of Pardubice Region (CZ) Geographic data for communications. 2011
Holcim (Czech), a.s. Survey of Čeperka a Smiřice Sand pits. 2011
Pöyry Finland Oy (FIN) Survey of Highway 6, Kärki – Muukko - Finsko. 2010
Finnish Transport Agency (FIN) Quality Control of the Highway Kemi – Finsko. 2010
Northland Resources AB (SWE) Survey of the road condition for daily transport to the iron mine. 2011
Czech Technical University of Prague (CZ) Survey of Highway D11 – within the project "Monitoring of conditions and changes of main roads surroundings by methods of long-distance survey of the Earth and laser scanning, and their usage for implementation of sustainable development of transport". 2009
SKANSKA a.s. (CZ) Survey of Highway D11. 2011
Pardubice Region (CZ) Survey of the Road nr. II/312 in section Pastviny-Mladkov and analysis of the proprietary relations. 2010

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