02-10-2017 Mobile Indoor Laser Scanning

A unique technology for indoor mobile laser scanning.





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Mobile Mapping

Groundbreaking way of terrain mapping with the help of mobile laser mapper system LYNX.

Unlike the currently used static scanning method, mobile mapping has many advantages to offer. Instead of measuring buildings or objects one by one, this method allows for the scanning of whole towns, hundreds or even thousands of kilometres of highways and their surroundings in a fraction of time in comparison with the method using the total station. Our vehicle equiped with sensors and cameras travels through the given area at a speed ranging from 80 to 120kmph – the speed directly relates to the required scanning density. As it moves along the road the sensors scan all objects within their range. Then, the collected data are processed and serve as a base for creating the extraordinarily precise and complex 3D maps. The fact that the system does not need daylight to collect the data is an advantage that allows night scanning when the traffic is low.


To process the data obtained by mobile mapping technology, our company has developed its own software. The output data and models are suitable for road planning, monitoring and checking of construction works in progress or for the assessment of the up-to-date condition of constructions or buildings.


Road mapping is the kind of work in which the advantages of our method are the most obvious. For projects of this size, the classical method is rather inconvenient and time-consuming and at the same time the airborne mapping method is not accurate. LYNX creates a complex 360° view of the situation which shows every detail – roadsigns, overhanging wires, buildings along the road, etc. The collected data serve as a source of information for further planning or maintenance.The mobile mapping vehicle can be simply modified for mapping railways or waterways.

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