02-10-2017 Mobile Indoor Laser Scanning

A unique technology for indoor mobile laser scanning.





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Static Scanning

Collecting high-quality data with ILRIS laser scanners.

The method of laser scanning is a new and revolutionary approach to the data collection in our branch. The method, commonly used until now, is based on static measurements done by a total station. It picks up the coordinates of the edge points on objects and only then it is possible to create a model of the given situation. The results of such a process are heavily much influenced by the human factor and do not provide enough information about the particular situation.

The method of static laser scanning can be utilized for the projects which would be either too expensive or technically impossible to do if the total station method were used. The static laser scanner ILRIS, produced by our Canadian partner Optech, allows for the collecting of a huge number of data with high accuracy and density of measured points over a short period of time. The consequent data processing is largely automatic and thanks to our software equipment the whole system can produce a wide range of outputs – animation and 3D terrain visualisation, elevation analysis, vector maps, 3D terrain models, registering terrain or object drifts, etc. - according to the customer´s requirements.

Static scanning should be the customer´s choice when an accurate documentation of a spatially complicated object is needed – mines, quarries, adits, industrial installations or historical monuments and town centres.

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